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Message From CEO 代表取締役よりメッセージ -
Welcome to the family of SARA International Co. Ltd. & Nippon Builders & Construction Co. Ltd. business can be classified into key areas, namely, our Interior & Reform work, Construction business, Heavy equipment supply, Event management. We have vast experience in making Indian, Nepalese, South Asian Restaurant and Japanese Izakaya in Japan. Earthquake survival construction with Japanese method and technologies is our pride in building construction section. Our experience and quality service will certainly help you to reach your goals. wish you all the best. Regards,
R. Danbir (アール.ダンビル)

President & CEO 代表取締役

SARA International Co. Ltd.

- Japan & Bangladesh based building Construction Company.

- Heavy construction equipment and vehicle supplier.

- River Dredger & related equipment suppliers.

- Restaurant & house Interior architecture and construction. 

Contact Us:

(BD) +88019-9900-7462
(JP) +81 80-4327-1845 / +81 03-6458-2400
Email: sarainternational.japan@gmail.com